Meeting in Turkey

Turkey arrived in the evening on Tuesday. The hosts welcomed us at the airport. In front of us happily landed delegation of Latvia. The hotel we were checked in was away from the airport three hours away in the town of Bulusma. Travel to the hotel we used to talk with a guide. On the way to dinner walked to the traditional Turkish restaurants.
On the first day the hosts provided us with a day full of attractions. We had a chance to see the oldest mosque and listen to information about the Muslim religion. During joint discussions were looking for similarities and differences in religions professed by us. Then we went on a visit to Iznik where we entertained the chairman of the city council, who spoke about their work and what the work of each department. Then we went to Bursa where we spent the afternoon. We visited the Green Mosque, UluMosque - Historical Bursa Bazaar - Tophane, Bursa Gezis - Yesil Cami, Ulu Cami. In Bursa we had a formal dinner and came back to the hotel. The next day started with a seminar. The meeting concerned the cultural differences and similarities. We exchanged information about our experiences with the Turkish culture. After class, we visited the Education Centre. We met and topics of training programs, which are implemented at the facility.
Another day seminar started in the morning. After the workshop we went to Istanbul, where he was waiting for a surprise in the form of a cruise along the Bosphorus. Time spent in Turkey was valuable for us to adventure. The hosts were very welcoming, beautifully made us so welcome. Friendships begin until this trip will last a long time for sure.

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